The New York State High School Football Coaches Association, founded in 1994, is an organization in New York State dedicated to maintaining the high status of the football coaching profession. Its membership consists of high school coaches from across the State, the collegiate ranks, Athletic Directors, as well as Associate (non-coaches), and Retired coaches.

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Why join the New York State High School Football Coaches Association?

Whether you are a coach, a player, a retiree, a representative of an institution... or just an avid follower of high school football, there are many benefits to joining the NYSHSFCA...here are just a few:

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of "what’s happening" – news about people, programs, events and opportunities.
  • Utilize this Website, as well as "From the Sidelines", to pass on and/or exchange information about job opportunities and scheduling possibilities.
  • As an Institutional member your organization has the opportunity to promote itself through a number of different ways to a highly-targeted market, such as event sponsorships, and newsletter items and advertising.
  • Support a program that is dedicated to maintaining the high status of the football coaching profession, working for the improvement of conditions, and developing and implementing programs to create a positive image of both coaches and players, on and off the field.
  • Be aware of new as well as experienced talent within our region. You will have access to information on both coaches and players who merit your attention.

Whatever your reason by joining the NYSHSFCA you will allow us to continue to:

  • Publish a quarterly newsletter about coaches and programs in New York State
  • Select and publish an All-Scholar team, including Honorable Mention List
  • Organize, operate and conduct operations for the NYS All - Star game
  • Recognize coaches, outstanding players, the media, and individuals from New York at our annual Awards Banquet
  • Work with schools in the development of image programs, such as Friends In Football, to support local charities
  • Promote institutional members 

"NYSHSCFA" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 109 Moulter Street, Manlius, NY 13104

Contact information: NYSHSFCA,

109 Moulter Street

Manlius, NY 13104
Phone: (315) 254-5592  Email: nyshsfca@gmail.com
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