Good afternoon Coaches:

I am in the process of developing a comprehensive list of New York State high school football prospects to be strictly shared with college coaches only. My mission is to improve the recruiting process for all of our college bound football players across New York State. There is a link below to a brief survey that includes critical information for college coaches to filter through.

This list will not be shared with anyone other than college coaches. This is not a list that will be published anywhere at anytime. 

Please consider taking the time to fill out the survey below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. In this case you are the experts - I am simply the purveyor and organizer of information.

Marc Vitticore

Founder of

Head Coach - Fairport High School

Monroe County AA Division 1 co-champions

Background about me:

I'm a high school football coach with 20 years of experience in New York State high school athletics. With "boots on the ground", I provide colleges with direct access to the most comprehensive list of high school football prospects in New York State. 

This is a no frills compilation of critical data delivered by the experts: high school coaches.

Happy recruiting,

Marc Vitticore

Here is a link to my website:

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